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July 10, Kathmandu. Chairman of the CPN-Maoist Center Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that there is a possibility of the first party of the Left in the coming election. He said that the reins of the country would be in their hands if they became the second party of the country and the first party of the Left.

Giving training to the local elected representatives at the local level, Prachanda said that the possibility of becoming the second and leftist party in the country was lost in the local elections. “The Left is more likely to be the first in the state and House of Representatives elections,” he said. It is likely to play an important and leading role. We all have to work hard for this. ‘

He said that even if the key to politics is with the Maoists, they have to go along with the Congress or UML. “The key is there, but the lock is only opened when one or the other matches,” said Prachanda. It means that others should be brought to the place where they should join us. There is a basis for that. ‘

Prachanda said that he lost the election at the local level even after relaxing that the alliance would be formed. Prachanda said that it is okay to form an alliance, otherwise it is necessary to prepare for a confrontation alone. But this time we should not make the mistake of saying that the election will be won after the formation of the alliance.

He also said that preparations are being made to give tickets to the winning and popular person by July 30.

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