Paras’ Official Attack Video Has Gone Viral On YouTube, Twitter, And Reddit

paras official attack video has gone viral on youtube twitter and reddit
paras official attack video has gone viral on youtube twitter and reddit

Paras Official, a BGMI YouTuber, was assaulted by eight people over a ‘YT video,’

Paras, a BGMI Youtuber, is the buzz of the town right now. His videos are popular among gamers . But unfortunately, he is in the headlines not because of his video but because of an assault he suffered.

He is raising his voice against the eight men who assault him. Social media content creators are rapidly expanding in the digital age. The creation of gaming videos and the live broadcasting of their gaming seasons has witnessed a significant increase.

It is more difficult to monetize a game YouTube channel, yet Paras has succeeded. He is a well-known content generator that creates visually appealing videos for the BGMI community. That is why he has such a large fan base in India.

What happened to Paras?

The BGMI YouTuber has reached a milestone of 800,000 subscribers. Creating video material is a difficult task in battle royale games like BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), games like Free Fire, Pub G, and others. Despite having a large fan base, he was targeted by his haters. He assaulted a group of eight persons with ferocity.

The BGMI YouTuber crossed 800,000 subscribers. Video content creation is a challenging job in battle royale games like BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), the game such as Free Fire, Pub G, and more. Despite having huge fans, he received hate from his hater. He brutally assaulted a group of eight people because they did not want him to be famous.

Paras Singh, a BGMI YouTuber, posted a video on his YouTube channel, Paras Official, on April 11, 2022. He was pleading for justice for the crime that had occurred to him. The bones in his nose had been broken. One of his legs and one of his wrists were broken. Paras remembers that his fame did not show up out of anywhere. He had a lot of trouble growing his YouTube channel.

He claimed that he did not criticise anyone in the video, even though his video may irritate some viewers.
He received a menacing phone call, as expected, but did not pay attention to it. Eight people, however, burst into his residence at 6 a.m. with iron rods and weapons and remained there for two days. They thrashed him viciously. Paras has released a new video in which he asks for support from his supporters and justice from the government. He urged fans to contact the Punjab police so that the attackers might be held accountable for their actions.

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