Paul Qualley Biography & everything about him in 2022

Paul Qualley

Paul Qualley is a former model best known as the ex-husband of prominent Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell.

Andie, real name Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, is well-known for her roles in films such as Multiplicity, Bad Girls, and Videotape.


Paul has been attracted by the modeling industry since he was a child. He had the look and figure for a modeling career, and with encouragement from his friends and family, he decided to give it a shot. As a model, he was able to feature in a number of advertisements and runway shows.

Despite his success in the modeling profession, Paul never enjoyed what he performed. He soon recognized that he would be better suited to the contracting sector, so he quit modeling to pursue ranching.

The ranch of Paul Qualley is located in Montana. The ranch is now managed by Paul Qualley. Even though Paul is no longer a model, he earned a reputation for himself during his modeling career. His friendship with Andie also aided him in propelling his profession to new heights.