Paula Abdul Voice Problems And Her Illness RSD Due To Cheerleading Accident

paula abdul voice problems and her illness rsd due to cheerleading accident

Paula Abdul previously had a voice condition, which caused her to take a break from singing for a few years. She has made a full recovery.

Paula Abdul is a well-known actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, and TV host. Abdul was one of the initial judges on the television show American Idol from 2002 through 2009.

She started her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers at the age of 18, and when The Jacksons noticed her, she became the head choreographer for the Laker Girls.

After choreographing music videos for Janet Jackson, Abdul became a choreographer during the height of the music video era, and she was quickly signed to Virgin Records.

Paula AbdulPaula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul Voice Problems: Does She Have Illness?

Yes, Paula Abdul has been afflicted with an illness that has harmed her voice and caused complications.

According to her interview on Today, she suffers a lot of sleepless nights since she is in so much agony. She was taking substantially more medication in previous seasons of American Idol, and no one said anything.

People have caught up to her as she fumbles to say anything. She was unpolished.

“I’m fed up with it,” Abdul replies when asked how she responds to claims that her behavior on “Idol” is weird at times. I’ve never been drunk before. I’m not a drug user for pleasure. It’s a smear campaign against a person’s reputation.”

The choreographer and former Laker girl is, in general, a warrior. She isn’t the most dexterous dancer or singer, but she is the complete package of a great entertainer.

Paula Abdul’s RSD Is Caused By A Cheerleading Accident

Paula Abdul’s health is also impacted by RSD, as she was involved in a car accident in the past.

Abdul has reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), a chronic neurological disorder that causes agonizing pain.

According to a source, she was hurt in a cheerleading accident when she was 17 years old and has been in excruciating pain ever since. Due to a loss of use on one side of her body, she was unable to get out of bed at one time during her career.

Four titanium plates are adorning her neck. She’s had 14 surgeries, including one on the same night as the first season finale of American Idol.

Abdul is free to come and go as she pleases, but she is no longer plagued by the agonizing nerve pain that RSD causes.

She was hit by a drunk motorist in 1987, and she was injured in an emergency plane landing in the early 1990s. Anti-inflammatory medications, massage, and acupuncture were used to treat her pain.

What Has Happened to Paula Abdul?

Paula Abdul has resumed her performing career after overcoming her health issues.

During America’s Got Talent’s fourteenth season finale, Abdul stunned Cowell by performing with Light Balance Kids, Brian King Joseph, and Tyler Butler-Figueroa.

On May 1, 2019, Abdul announced Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl, her first Las Vegas residency. With a total of 20 events, the residency’s first leg began on August 13 and ended in January 2020.

In October 2020, Abdul was announced as a panelist on Fox’s reality show The Masked Dancer. Her admirers are overjoyed to see their favorite singer and artist return to the spotlight.

While Luke Bryan was out sick due to COVID-19, ABC announced in April 2021 that Abdul would return to American Idol as a guest judge.

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