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July 7, Kathmandu. Due to political interference, the charitable organization Nepal Red Cross Society is falling into a serious crisis. The organization, which has not been able to hold the convention for years, is run through an ad hoc committee. The reins of the organization have been handed over to a close person.

Only after displacing the elected working committee have two ad hoc committees been formed. One working committee after another has been dismissed citing failure to convene on time. The new ad hoc committee has been formed as per the change of government.

Timsina working committee fired for the second time

Sanjeev Thapa, who became the president of the organization in 2064 BS, was fired by the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-led government after he failed to convene a general meeting on time. He was accused of committing irregularities in the organization. By removing him, the general assembly will be held within three months. An ad hoc committee was formed on 12 July 2077 under the leadership of Netra Timsina. In the 33-member working committee, the majority members of the then CPN (Maoist) were in office, even close to the Nepali Congress.

The ad hoc committee had a mandate to convene a general assembly within three months and hand over the posts to the elected committee. So Dr. The ad hoc committee led by Timsina could not hold the general meeting on time.

Timsina, the chairperson of the dissolved ad hoc committee, sees the entry of wrong characters in her working committee as the general meeting could not be held on time. ‘Some of the wrong characters managed to enter as members of the committee. They did not cooperate in amending the constitution and convening the general assembly ‘, he said. Timsina referred to the “wrong characters” as those who approached the Congress and joined the working committee of his leadership. After Timsina failed to get elected, he was given one more year. However, the general assembly could not be held even during the extended period.

On 14 December 2078, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s Council of Ministers dissolved the ad hoc committee of Timsina. A new ad hoc committee was formed under the coordination of Prof. Sudarshan Prasad Nepal. Timsina went to the Supreme Court against that. The Supreme Court issued an interim order on 23 December 2078 not to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers. Timsina was restored.

According to Timsina, although he was reinstated by the court, his work was not easy. He told online news that the chairman and members were barred from entering the office. “We have repeatedly requested the district administration office in writing and verbally to create a conducive working environment as per the court order. No hearing has been held,” Timsina said.

Timsina said that the election could not be held due to non-cooperation of the other party while trying to hold the convention for the fifth time. The Timsina faction alleges that the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and the Kathmandu District Administration Office assisted those who played a role in preventing the election from taking place in the ad hoc committee.

According to Timsina, the General Convention scheduled for 18 September 2078, 28 and 29 November 2078 could not be successful due to the government. “In the name of home administration, interest groups have been working to disrupt the legislature,” Timsina said.

Second ad hoc committee under the coordination of Nepal, which was stopped by the court

He was fired for the second time by the current government while the Timsina Working Committee concluded that the ruling party had invited Bethiti to the organization. The cabinet meeting held on 31 June 2079 had dismissed the working committee led by Timsina for the second time. For the second time, the government formed an ad hoc committee under the coordination of Sudarshan Nepal.

Sudarshan Nepal and Netra Timsina
Sudarshan Nepal and Netra Timsina

In the 33-member ad hoc committee, the incumbent has appointed a person close to him. The Nepal Congress, which is responsible for the basic leadership of the organization, is close. The working committee of Nepal leadership has been mandated to hold elections within three months.

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Uma Regmi said that the ad hoc committee headed by Timsina was dissolved due to its expiration. ‘Their term is over. His term was zero, ‘said Minister Regmi. Why weren’t elections held at that time? ‘


The Timsina faction alleges that government agencies interfered in the humanitarian situation and that those involved in the Red Cross did not allow the status quo to be established. “The police’s response that the letter should come from a body other than the court, completely ignoring the court’s order, shows that the government has disobeyed the court’s order, ridiculed the law, law and procedure and has shamelessly stepped down to protect political frustration, prejudice and interest groups.” It is stated in the statement issued by the Timsina faction on 3 July 2079.

The Timsina faction has accused Executive Director Umesh Prasad Dhakal of playing a key role in influencing the Home Ministry and the District Administration Office, Kathmandu.

The ad hoc committee of the disbanded Timsina has accused the organization led by Umesh Dhakal of locking up the office, defying the Supreme Court’s interim order, promoting irregularities and corruption. It is to be recalled that Dhakal was removed from the post of executive director by Timsina. He had been working for the Red Cross for 17 years and was removed saying that his explanation was not satisfactory.

Pooja Koirala, the current ad hoc committee director, says that the Timsina faction has done the work of going beyond the values ​​and beliefs of the Red Cross. ‘The established structure is about to be completely demolished. A new structure can be created. Couldn’t even make a new one ‘, says Koirala.

The ad hoc committee headed by Timsina was about to amend the constitution so that the office bearers could not serve more than two terms. A disbanded ad hoc committee has accused a group that has been ‘running’ the organization for years against the two-term arrangement.

Minister Regmi says the court is doing politics

Uma regmi
Minister Uma Regmi

The final verdict in the case filed by Timsina has not yet come. The government has fired him for the second time without a final decision.

Minister Regmi finds the Supreme Court to be the main culprit in this situation. ‘The court will decide the case. Don’t get me wrong. After the Supreme Court did not make a decision, a new ad hoc committee had to be formed ‘, Minister Regmi told online news.

He said that the government has taken a new step as the institution is approaching zero due to the court. She says, ‘The court is doing politics. That’s the problem. An ad hoc committee has to be formed. According to Minister Regmi, the three-month ad hoc committee of the Nepal leadership has committed to hold the election on time.

The current nominee claims that the government was compelled to form a new ad hoc committee after the country-wide network of NGOs reached Vacuum. The Nepali side has also questioned the efficiency of Timsina. Koirala said that the ad hoc committee led by Timsina was not uncooperative but raised the issue of ‘good governance’ in the organization.

Koirala also countered the allegation that Executive Director Dhakal had not allowed the previous ad hoc committee to function. In his 58-year history, government intervention in the Red Cross has been due to him (Timsina). Lying is used to make a lie come true. They did just that ‘, Koirala said,’ not that they were not allowed to work. They had no legitimacy. It is not possible to win politically and technically. ‘

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