Statue of ‘Pig’ at a cost of Rs 6 million in Belaka, Udayapur

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Pig statue Belka, Udayapur

The Belaka Municipality of Udayapur has made a pig statue at a cost of Rs 6 million. 

Municipality-7 The municipality has made a statue of a pig (pig) saying that it will promote tourism in Mainamani.

According to Mayor Durga Kumar Thapa, the budget was allocated in the fiscal year 2076/77 for making the statue of Barah. 

“The construction work of the statue of Barah, which has been started for the last two years, is almost complete. The teeth and tail are yet to be painted,” said Mayor Thapa.

According to Thapa, Barah is a wild boar. The area where the statue of Barah is built and the famous religious shrine Barahkshetra and Chatradham are surrounded. Saptakoshi has flowed from the middle.

Looking at the hilly area of ​​the municipality, which is located in the higher part of the municipality, the confluence of Sunkoshi, Arun and Tamor, Triveni, and other areas can be seen. 

Therefore, he said that the statue of Barah has been made to develop this region as a tourist area.

There is also a waterfall near the statue of Barah. 

Mayor Thapa said that preparations are underway to build a park for the development of domestic tourism. 

There is also a Mainamani temple near the place where the statue of Baraha was made

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