Piles Causes & home Treatment for piles

Piles Causes & home Treatment for piles

Piles are a disease in which flesh grows on the outside and inside of the anus. 

These mice often bleed and cause pain. Sometimes these mice come out with force. It can be cured by eating, lifestyle and treatment.

Causes of Piles

  • Constipation is the biggest cause of piles. This happens when the stomach is not properly cleaned.
    Working for a long time can also be a problem of piles.
  • Many women have digestive problems during pregnancy.
  • Smoking, alcohol, junk food, such as food spoils digestion and causes piles.
    If someone has a problem in the family, it is likely to happen to the next generation.

Treatment for piles

  • Add a little camphor to the neem leaves fried in ghee and apply it on the flesh of the piles.
  • Eat half a teaspoon of black pepper and black cumin powder daily with honey.
  • Grinding gourd leaves and applying them regularly on the flesh of piles is beneficial.
  • Applying the paste of ground basil leaves with water gives relief from the burning of pimples.
  • Applying basil paste, the meat grown in the piles is also gradually cured.
  • Drink the mixture of amla powder kept in the soil overnight mixed with sugarcane in the morning.
  • It is beneficial to apply roasted onion paste to the place where the meat has grown.
  • Make a paste by grinding tea leaves and make it hot and apply it to the place where the meat has grown. The meat dries in a few days.
  • A handful of black sesame seeds with a cup of yogurt daily when eating blood piles is fine.
  • Grinding henna leaves in water and applying it dries the meat in a few days.

Note: Consult with your doctor if the condition is severe. Check Medical Disclaimer

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