Rastriya Janamorcha promoted Piyari Thapa as leader of PA in Gandaki Province Assembly

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Piyari Thapa has been elected as the leader of the parliamentary party (PP) in the Gandaki Province Assembly by the Rastriya Janamorcha

After the party revoked lawmaker Krishna Thapa’s general membership for going against the party’s decision in the no-confidence motion filed against Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung, the position of RJ PP leader became vacant.

Khim Bikram Shahi, Janamorcha’s eldest member, decided at a party meeting on Saturday to name Thapa as the PP leader until the party’s central command issued a directive. As a result, Thapa has been chosen as the PP’s leader.

Thapa was also recognized as Janamorcha’s PP leader by PA Secretary Hari Raj Pokharel.

Thapa also spoke at a Gandaki PA meeting on Sunday as Janamorcha’s PP leader.