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9 Asar, Butwal. In Tilotta, the municipality has made public the policy and program for the fiscal year 2079/80. Most of the policies and programs presented by the mayor Ram Krishna Khan in the municipal council on Thursday have given continuity to the old ones of the previous year.

It is mentioned that the agreement will be reached in mid-February to increase capital expenditure as a new program and the payment policy will be strictly implemented by mid-June.

In the same policy and program, it is mentioned that for the health treatment of the economically deprived city dwellers, the main citizenship assistance fund will be established, and equal access of all citizens to quality health will be ensured with the slogan of healthy city dwellers, healthy city.

Similarly, to provide maternity services with skilled nurses in each ward, to construct and operate a 15-bed hospital in Gorakatta of Ward No. 6 and VPGram of Ward 17.
The policy and program mentions the establishment of city level lab center in Tilotta, continuation of health check-up of senior citizens with the mayor and establishment of city level blood bank.

To make education more effective, make the Municipal Scholarship Fund more effective, provide scholarships for basic education to the target group children, provide 50 percent subsidy on electricity and water tariffs connected to community schools, free school internet, at least 10 percent scholarships in institutional schools, sanitary pads for community school girls. It is mentioned in the policy and program that Rs. 25 will be added to the free distribution and lunch for students up to class 6 by adding Rs. 10.

It is mentioned in the policy and program that the students will be given defensive self-defense training, special grant of Rs.

Pocket areas have been declared giving special importance to agriculture. Ward No. 12 has a policy of declaring maize, 13, fish, 14 vegetables and 17 wheat pocket areas.

Initiatives to provide basic veterinary and vaccine free of cost to livestock farmers by developing collective farming system, management and operation of moisture center in ward no. 17 in collaboration with private sector and cooperatives Is mentioned.

Organic farming production will be encouraged by adopting the identity slogan of poison free food Tilottama. It is mentioned in the policy and program to encourage productive work in the river uplift lands of Tinau and Rohini and to formulate agricultural plan within one year.

Similarly, the policy and program mentions the operation of agricultural ambulance in Tilotta, town chief farmer program, knowledge of foreign countries and the attraction of those returning from working abroad in agriculture and animal husbandry.

It is mentioned that there will be uniformity in drinking water tariff in urban areas, connection of water tap to the very poor families and special concession in tariff.

There are programs such as 50 percent exemption in business tax for women only cooperatives, 50 percent exemption in business tax for environment friendly industries, establishment of tourism information center, establishment of labor bank and employment information center, development of Tilottama as a cycle city.

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