PM Oli criticizes National Congress for forming a coalition with Prachanda

pm Oli

PM Oli, Prime Minister and Chairperson of the CPN-UML, has criticized the Nepali Congress (NC) for forming a coalition with CPN-Maoist Center leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda.’

In an interview with Press Chautari journalists on Sunday afternoon, the PM accused the NC of abandoning democracy and following Prachanda’s guidelines.

“The so-called democratic party NC has embraced Prachandapath, with Prachanda as its mentor,” the PM said, adding that “no democrat can oppose the idea of holding elections for a new mandate from the people.”

He slammed NC leaders for saying they would boycott the election if he became Prime Minister.

“What kind of democratic nature does it take not to accept an election conducted under the premiership of a person who has a majority in parliament?” PM Oli enquired, sarcastically, “Wasn’t it under the NC-conducted election that the party received only 23 seats in the House of Representatives?”

PM Oli also chastised the press for making a mountain out of the COVID-19 crisis.

“They are giving space to the public’s woes and sufferings rather than assuring them about their health by highlighting the government’s good deeds,” he said.

He blamed the leaders of the opposition alliance for the government’s poor performance and complained that he was disturbed at work from the start.