PM Oli to take Biswasko mat today afternoon

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KP Oli is seeking a vote of confidence in this House today afternoon in an effort to remain in power in the House of Representatives (HoR).


On 10 May President Bidya Devi Bhandari called a special parliamentary session to seek a vote of confidence upon recommendation by the government.

Kp sharma oli

Premier Oli requires the confidence motion to win at least 136 votes in the 275-member HoR.


His decision to seek a vote of assurance comes in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Kp sharma oli

PM Oli warned on Sunday night that some leaders tend to end their political careers by giving up massive quantities of people. PM Oli made a statement.


PM Oli, pointing to the proposed mass resignations by senior party leaders, Madhav Kumar Nepal, of the disgruntled leaders of the Party, stated that activities such as floors and no confidence in the Party were meant to harm only the Party.

Kp sharma oli

He also said that history would judge those who performed such work. He believed that in all circumstances such activities are not just and appropriate.


He declared that the current generation needs to make it stronger and more unified.


He urged everyone to work to strengthen and unify the UML and the communist movement by saying the party would not discriminate against anybody.

Kp sharma oli

In the meantime, the CPN-UML ruling has sent all their legislators a whip to vote for the Prime Minister’s support.