Police Arrests man for sending obscene words by making ‘fake Accounts’

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Police arrest a man on charges of sending obscene words to a woman by creating ‘fake Accounts’ on Facebook and Tiktok.

David Pun, 19, of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis-15 of Dang has been arrested.

According to DSP Mukunda Rijal, spokesperson of the District Police Office, Dang, Pun was arrested on the basis of a complaint that he had sent obscene words to the woman.

Again, two women had lodged a complaint. While trying to remind Pun to write and post obscene words, the victim has mentioned in the complaint that Pun assaulted and abused the woman.

Pun was arrested on June 20 and a case is being registered against him for ‘indecent behavior’, police said.