Presentation about the enterprise given by 20 youths in the startup program of the federation

July 9, Kathmandu. In the startup program of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 20 young entrepreneurs have given presentations about their latest ventures.

On Thursday, they gave their presentations to the potential investors in the FNCCI’s ’50 Business / 50 Investors’ program.

Murarka’s group has announced to invest in Ration Tech under the federation’s program. The FNJ has started this program with the objective of mobilizing potential investors for the latest thinking startups in the country.

The event was enthusiastically attended by about 25 potential investors of the federation. If the investors show interest in the proposed scheme, the FNJ Start Up and Innovation Committee will facilitate between the two parties.

The startups who were selected by the federation through their application and who were considered as the best startups in the program related to startups conducted by the business association / organization at different times in collaboration with the federation participated in the pitching session. The federation had also demanded applications from startup entrepreneurs at different times to participate in the program.

Business plans related to agriculture, manufacturing, food, information technology and services were presented in the pitching session.

The FNCCI’s Startup and Innovation Committee had announced the 50 Business / 50 Investor Program on April 25 last year.

Pitching Session includes Ama Agro Pvt., Ration Tech Pvt., Nepal Agro Inputs Marketing & Entrepreneurship Services (NAMS), Ansu Technology Pvt. There are Sarang, Factory, Glocal Academy of Skills, Happy Minds, Teka, Boafresh, Flame Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industry, Ninja Infosys.

FNJ has been working for the promotion of this sector by forming the Startup and Innovation Committee for the first time. The Vision Paper put forward by the federation has also given top priority to the Spartup business.

The FNJ’s ongoing initiatives to support startup businesses to develop and innovate young entrepreneurs include various programs to support startup businesses, such as establishing front and back links with large industries, establishing a challenge fund, and operating incubation centers.

In this program of the federation, legally registered startup businesses which have been operating for more than a year and have at least one year audit report will be considered eligible for it.

Inaugurating the pitching session, FNCCI President Shekhar Golchha said that it would help startups with the latest thinking and those who could not expand due to lack of investment to raise investment. He said that the FNCCI’s Economic Transformation 2030 (Vision Paper) has also emphasized on startup business and now the government has given priority to this sector on its own advice.

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