Prince Dahal

Prince Dahal makes a history clinching top ranking in WJB

Prince Dahal of Nepal has created badminton history by rising to the top of the world’s junior rankings.

According to the Badminton World Federation‘s ranking of men’s junior, the 19-year-old Dahal got to the top place for the first time. He earned 10,500 points to take the top spot in junior badminton. This is the most significant international success for Nepali badminton.

According to the Federation’s rating results, Justin Whoha of Malaysia is ranked second. He accumulated 9,590 points.

Dahal told RSS that his ambition has come true after being named the top junior badminton player. He went on to say that he had worked hard to become the number one player in badminton and was overjoyed to have achieved his goal.

“My immediate focus will be on retaining the title and continuing to perform well even in senior badminton tournaments in the future,” he said. Dahal stated that there are few tournament possibilities and training opportunities in Nepal.

He urged government agencies to create a conducive climate for the country’s players to thrive. Dahal went on to say that the coronavirus epidemic had kept him from competing in tournaments and practicing for a long time.

Prince Dahal has been a badminton player since he was five years old. Kamalesh Niraula, Dahal’s maternal uncle and manager, stated that Prince’s top global rating is a fantastic achievement for both him and the country.

According to Badminton instructor Jayanta Shrestha, Prince Dahal’s achievement has inspired other Nepali badminton players and sports fans in Nepal.

Prince Dahal rose to 32nd in the world rankings for the first time in 2019. In the 2020 world rankings, he rose to tenth place. Later, he rose to eighth place in 2019 and third place in 2021. Every week, the World Badminton Federation publishes the ranking of senior and junior badminton players.

Prince is now in grade 11 at Lagankhel High School in Kathmandu. Similarly, Nepal’s women’s player Rasila Maharjan has risen to 19th place in the Federation’s rating of women junior players.

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