Priyanka Karki has urged the government to keep the priority on vaccines rather than elections

priyanka karki

In a meeting with social workers and civil society groups, actress Priyanka Karki urged the government to prioritize vaccines before talking about elections because people are dying from the pandemic.

On social media on Saturday, actress Karki urged the authorities to take the pandemic seriously, which has recently turned deadly.

“Understand the current period and situation,” she said, adding, “Spend 40 billion on oxygen cylinders, intensive care units, ventilators, healthcare systems, and free vaccinations.”

People, she suggested, would be eager to acquire immunizations at such times.

“People will be glad if this priority is taken into account,” she wrote ahead, “If there are people, there will be country, and when there are both, we can go to elections, can’t we?”

Priyanka Karki, who has made waves for her recent pregnant photo shoot and accompanying utterances, has expressed grief over the pandemic scenario, as have other film artists.