Province 1: 192 new Covid-19 infections reported

05 October 2021 20:17 PM | UPDATED 2 months ago

05 October 2021 20:17 PM

Province 1: In the last 24 hours, 192 cases of corona infection have been confirmed.

According to the Ministry of Social Development, the PCR of 707 tested positive for 132, and the antigen tested for 318 tested positive for 60.

According to the ministry, PCR tests showed that 56 people were infected in Jhapa, 53 in Morang, 41 in Biratnagar, 17 in Sunsari, one each in Ilam, Dhankuta, and Udayapur, and three from outside the state.

Today, 182 people, including 103 women, have been infected with a corona in the state. Six people, including a woman and five men, died during the period, the ministry said.

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