Province 1 increases the fare of public transport running at the state level

Public Transport Province 1
Photo: Nepalpress.com

The Province 1 government has increased the fare of public transport at the state level. 

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of State-1 has increased the fare of public transport by 23 percent.

The state government has increased the fare of passenger vehicles by 22 percent and also increased the fare of vehicles operating on hilly roads by 16.5 percent. 

The fare of freight vehicles operating on the Terai road has been increased by 23 percent.

The federal government had increased the fare of long-distance (inter-state) vehicles by 28 percent with effect from July 13.

Public transport Province 1

Entrepreneur’s protest

The Federation of Nepal National Transport Entrepreneurs has objected to the decision of the state government. 

FNCCI General Secretary Saroj Sitaula says that the state and local levels should decide on the adjustment according to the scientifically increased fare by the federal government.

“The federal government has increased fares on the basis of scientific studies. The cost of operating long-distance vehicles on local routes is no less than the long-distance,” he said.