PSOhub has partnered with HubSpot Service Hub to provide time tracking and billing for tickets



PSOhub has partnered with HubSpot Service Hub to provide time tracking and billing for tickets.

HubSpot has announced the revamp of their HubSpot Service Hub, which now includes PSOhub-powered support ticket time tracking. HubSpot users can now track time on their support tickets within HubSpot, while PSOhub automatically connects this data to their project management platform, thanks to an innovative concept called Ticket to Cash. HubSpot is now ranked as one of the best CRMs for sales and service in the world, and PSOhub, a HubSpot partner, offers a unique, all-in-one project management solution that is directly integrated with the platform.

PSOhub has partnered with HubSpot Service Hub to provide time tracking and billing for tickets


Although PSOhub’s native HubSpot integration was created with HubSpot customers in mind, there was still a service/support gap. MSPs, consultancies, software and IT services, agencies, legal consultants, and other HubSpot professional service organizations have historically been unable to track time on service and support requests within the HubSpot home environment. Furthermore, there has never been a means to accurately measure HubSpot service ticket time and apply it to PSOhub’s service contracts.

HubSpot reached out to partner PSOhub with the launch of their Service Hub to provide an exclusive solution that bridges the gap. PSOhub provides all-in-one project management that is already integrated with the HubSpot ecosystem, therefore the PSA platform established a seamless HubSpot Ticket Sync at HubSpot’s request. This integration is groundbreaking in that it instantly connects time monitored on HubSpot support tickets to contracts and projects in PSOhub, delivering a closed-loop and unmatched efficiency.

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Catie Moynihan, HubSpot’s App Partner Manager, explains how PSOhub’s HubSpot Ticket Sync would help their customers: “We’re thrilled to announce the reopening of our HubSpot Services Hub,” says the company. HubSpot Services Hub is now integrated with PSOhub’s project management with this new launch. Users may track time on a HubSpot ticket directly, which will assist our users in completing the customer experience from ticket to cash in one platform.”

The HubSpot Ticket Sync, which is currently the only integration of its sort to cohesively combine CRM sales, service, and project management, is equally enthralling to the minds at PSOhub. “The HubSpot Service Hub is a terrific tool for providing customer service and assistance,” says PSOhub CEO Martijn van der Hoeden. We’ve combined the best of both worlds in partnership with HubSpot. Business owners may now control spent time and costs against the contract value by logging time on a HubSpot Ticket directly on a PSOhub Service Project. This will complete the circle! Finally, tickets can be turned into projects, and spent time can be charged if it is billable.”

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