PUBG India has officially launched its trailer

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PUBG Corporation revealed in November that it would carry PUBG Mobile back to India. It had not, however, provided a timetable for the game’s release in the region.

Last month, the official YouTube channel for PUBG Mobile India posted a video implying that the game’s release in the Indian market is imminent.

Furthermore, a PUBG innovative banner was leaked last week, implying that it would be called Battlegrounds Mobile in India. However, no clarification was given.

That has changed today, with the launch of the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website.

The official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India went live today, confirming not only that PUBG Mobile will return to India, but also that it will be renamed for the Indian market.

The official website states “Coming Shortly,” implying that the game will be available in India soon. The page includes a link to the official Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube site, which currently lacks videos. It’s also worth noting that there’s no mention of PUBG on the website. We can see the word “Krafton” written there, which is, as you already remember, the business behind PUBG.

No data was available on the date of the launch of the Mobile India Battlegrounds. We still do not know for the moment whether Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a rebranded PUBG Mobile edition or is explicitly modified for the Indian market.

The PUBG Corporation, published in November, said that PUBG Mobile is to be amended to “develop and promote a safe gaming atmosphere, improving in-game content and adapting it to local needs.”

Hopefully, as the launch approaches, we’ll hear more.


Update: May 6th, 2021

Official Trailer has launched