PUBG Nepal Server: When are we getting the Pubg Nepal server?

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The enthusiasm for e-sports has recently exploded in Nepal, thanks to domestic teams’ recent victories in international competitions. If you’re part of this group, there’s some excellent news for you. Stakeholders are now investigating the feasibility of setting up a dedicated caching server in Nepal for popular games like as PUBG.

PUBG Nepal Server

The topic was discussed in the most recent edition of TechPana’s Telcos Policy Debate Series (Part 9). On the internet, the episode concentrated on local material. As a result, it was an ideal setting for the audience to discuss the localization of international gaming properties like PUBG.

During the live broadcast, one of the audience members inquired about the possibility of a PUBG server in Nepal, to which Bimilesh Jha, Nepal Telecom’s Deputy Manager, said that it is conceivable.

Pakistan has a special PUBG server, and India had one before the PUBG ban. As a result, it’s reasonable that our Nepalese gamers want one as well.

What exactly is a gaming server, and why is it so crucial?

A gaming server is a computer that runs games on a local level. These are typically set up by game creators in several locations to provide a consistent gameplay experience. These servers are capable of accepting and processing user input as well as stimulating the game environment.

A country-specific gaming server allows domestic gamers to get their input processed almost instantaneously. As a result, there will be less latency during gameplay. It also enables developers to launch events tailored to various countries.

Difficulties in PUBG Nepal Server

For example, the government banned PUBG in the country in 2019, but the restriction was later lifted by the Supreme Court. Such situations could recur in the future if no suitable provisions for e-sports are in place.

While it is possible to set up local servers for games like PUBG in Nepal, the lack of adequate regulation makes it a dangerous move for NT and ISPs.

These organizations do not want to expend resources on information that could be easily prohibited by the government in the future. As a result, Nepal requires a clear guideline on what sorts of content are legal and which are not. This might pave the door for game servers, such as PUBG, to arrive in Nepal.