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Pubg Tiers points & Rank list, To easily boost your Pubg rank to ace or conqueror, you’ll need to know the Pubg mobile rank list. Push the rank list in Pubg Mobile to earn the season tier awards by playing a single, duet, or a different map & server in Pubg Mobile.

It’s more difficult to push rank if you don’t understand how the Pubg ranking system works. You can always dump at Georgepoo, structures instead of containers if you understand the Pubg mobile ranking system.

Pubg Tiers points & Rank list

  • Bronze is the most common metal (1200-1700 maybe) (On the Pubg Bronze rank list, you only get up to 10 kills every match.)
  • sliver (1700 -2200)
  • The precious metal gold (2200 to 2700)
  • Platinum (2700-3199) – (you meet novices about KD 1 who don’t care about the pubg rank list)
  • (3200 to 3600) (4th 3300, 3rd, 3400, 2nd 3500, 1st 3600)
  • throne ( 5th 3700, 4th tier 3800, 3rd 3900, 2nd 4000, 1st 4100)
  • (Starts at 4200 RP Points) Ace (when decrease fall back to Crown 3 times protection)
  • Conqueror (On each server, only the top 500 players are permitted; check their starting Rating points in) (Squad, Duos, solo in TPP or FPP ) 6000 points on the thumb ace 22 out of 5 stars

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Why are ranks so important in the PUBG game?

To distinguish between the varying levels of talent that each player possesses, a ranking system that divides those players into different categories is required. In PUBG MOBILE, ranks also play an important role in motivating each player to do well in each match (LITE). If you play hard every match and get those kills and the chicken supper, there has to be a reward.

Pubg Tiers points
Pubg Tiers points
BronzeTier V1200-1299
Tier IV1300-1399
Tier III1400-1499
Tier II1500-1599
Tier I1600-1699
SilverTier V1700-1799
Tier IV1800-1899
Tier III1900-1999
Tier II2000-2099
Tier I2100-2199
GoldTier V2200-2299
Tier IV2300-2399
Tier III2400-2499
Tier II2500-2599
Tier I2600-2699
PlatinumTier V2700-2799
Tier IV2800-2899
Tier III2900-2999
Tier II3000-3099
Tier I3100-3199
DiamondTier V3200-3299
Tier IV3300-3399
Tier III3400-3499
Tier II3500-3599
Tier I3600-3699
CrownTier V3700-3799
Tier IV3800-3899
Tier III3900-3999
Tier II4000-4099
Tier I4100-4199

To get the Conqueror Tier, you must spend at least one day in the top 500 players on your server in the respective mode (24 hours).

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Tier Rewards

For some unique tiers, PUBG MOBILE awards you with a season’s outfit, a special gun skin, a parachute, a name tag, effects, and more. These are only available for the current season. They reset every season, but once you’ve earned the rewards, they’re yours forever.

You’ll be rewarded with a Season-exclusive outfit if you finish in the top 10 in 5 Gold Tier matches. You will receive some headgears if you play 5 matches in the Platinum Tier. When you complete five Diamond Tier matches, you will receive a free pistol skin. You will be rewarded with an Epic team effect when you achieve Crown Tier.

You’ll be rewarded with a special season-exclusive parachute if you play five matches in Ace rank. You’ll also gain a legendary team effect, which will be visible to your teammates as you enter the lobby, as well as an Ace NameTag and PlayerTag. Conqueror NameTag, Mythic Team Effect, and Conqueror PlayerTag are awarded when you attain Conqueror.