Pyrocynical Twitch Ban Explained: What Did The Web Star Do?

pyrocynical twitch ban explained what did the web star do

Youtuber & Twitch star Pyrocynical has recently been soft banned from Twitch & fans are going into a frenzy over the news.

Pyrocynical Twitch Ban

Pyrocynical Twitch Ban

Pyrocynical is an English YouTube commentator who was formerly known for being one of the early adopters of well-known commenting formats including colorful borders surrounding video samples shown during videos.

Niall ‘Pyrocynical’ Comas, a YouTube sensation, has slammed Twitch for unexpectedly withdrawing his Partnership status, despite months of silence from his local Partnerships staff.

Why Is Pyrocynical Banned On Twitch? What Did He Do?

After dedicating himself for over a year and applying for Partner four times along the way, Pyrocynical finally received the tick next to his name in 2022, but not by usual means.

Pyrocynical’s Affiliate status has also been cancelled, denying him access to several basic features, including a Subscription button on his channel.

Throughout 2021, the content creator applied four times, providing confirmation of every interaction with the EMEA Partnership team. The first time occurred in April, and the second and third times were in September and November, respectively.

On four occasions, he appears to have met the requirements for both viewing and streaming hours. In the final application, the scenario became more complicated. Rather of rejecting Pyrocynical’s Partnership, his local Twitch reps “never answered.”

Pyrocynical, on the other hand, took matters into his own hands and hired a new management business to contact Twitch’s North American Partnerships team. On their first attempt, this organization was able to obtain Partnership status for his Twitch account. It didn’t last long, though, as the EMEA team immediately discovered it.

Pyrocynical is accused of failing to disclose the “rejection of the application by the EMEA Partnership team,” as required by law.

All Partner and Affiliate incentives have been deleted from his Twitch account due to this misunderstanding, as well as months of inactivity from his local team.

Pyrocynical Real Name & Age Explored

Even though he prefers to go by the stage name “Pyrocynical,” Pyrocynical’s real name is Nial Comas. He was born on May 14, 1997, and is currently 24 years old.

The Twitch streamer is a YouTube content creator from England. Pyrocynical is recognized for his montage parody films and comments on gaming videos, among other things. He can currently be seen on a variety of media platforms.

Pyrocynical is a well-known social media personality known for his montage parodies and gaming video commentary.

Explore Pyrocynical Net Worth

Pyrocynical’s net worth has yet to be exposed to the general public. However, based on his successful profession as a content provider, he must be making a decent living.

Pyrocynical established his YouTube account on July 27, 2013. He did not, however, upload any videos until 2014. He released a video titled IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO on October 30, 2015.

His current work includes topical issues, gaming videos, and analysis as of 2019.

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