Rachana Rimal passed class 12 examination

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Singer Rachana Rimal has passed the class 12 examination. 

She has stated through social media that she got a 3.44 GPA in the class 12 examination. Rimal was taking exams even though she did not go to college. She has been saying that her studies have not deteriorated completely and she is amazed at her success.

Rachana Rimal, who has been studying since childhood, came into the limelight through the singing reality show Nepal Idol. 

After exiting from the top 8 of Nepal Idol, she has made a big leap in the field of singing. While advancing in the field of singing, it was rumored that his studies were in the shadows.

She herself has accepted this subject to some extent. She understands that having to walk in two directions has some effect on his studies. She says she sometimes records up to five songs a day and at least one song a day.