Rajendra Prasad Pandey vows to produce skilled manpower

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Rajendra Prasad Pandey, Bagmati Province Chief Minister has vowed to generate sufficient competent human resources in the province.

Pandey remarked at the Chitwan Mahotsav on Sunday that the practice of acquiring human resources from outside would end with the domestic creation of human resources.

“For this, the Province Government will provide skill-generating training at its own expense for three months,” Pandey explained.

Rajendra Prasad Pandey stated that the country’s development could not be achieved solely through commerce and advocated for the creation of an investment-friendly environment.

He went on to say that the required preparations for running closed industries had already begun. “In order to become an industrialist, one must first run an industry.” “No one can become a businessman by selling imported items,” Pandey asserted.