Rajendra Rai taking vote of confidence in the assembly today

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Chief Minister of State 1 Rajendra Rai is taking a vote of confidence from the state assembly today. 

Appointed as the Chief Minister on behalf of the five-party alliance, Rai will take a vote of confidence from the meeting to be held at 12:30 today.

Today is the ninth and fifth session of the winter session of the state assembly. The Chief Minister will take a vote of confidence from the meeting, said Indra Bahadur Angbo, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of State-1. A meeting of the ruling five-party alliance was held on Monday. The meeting had formed a high-level political mechanism led by Congress parliamentary party leader Rajiv Koirala.

The meeting also formed a task force headed by Congress MP Shekhar Chandra Thapa to decide the minimum common program of the government. He said that the meeting decided to vote for Rajendra Rai, who became the chief minister on behalf of the coalition.

There are 50 MPs in the five-party coalition participating in the government. In Province 1, which has 93 members, 47 votes are required for a majority. The main opposition party CPN-UML has 40 MPs and RPP has one.