Rajman Thapa jailed for killing four Rhinos

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Rajman Thapa Magar, who was arrested on charge of killing a rhino in Chitwan National Park, has been remanded in custody.

Magar, 30, of Gaindakot Municipality-3, Nawalpur, was remanded in custody for trial on Sunday, said Lokendra Adhikari, information officer and assistant protection officer of the park.

Magar is the absconding defendant in the case of four rhinos that died due to poaching in the park in the current fiscal year 2077/78. After his arrest, Magar surrendered to local conservationists last Friday, saying he would appear in court in person.

Two cases have been filed in Nawalpur District Court and one in Chitwan District Court on the charge of killing rhinos and selling horns in Magar’s name.

According to Chitwan National Park, 27 people, including Thapa, have been arrested and legal action has been taken against them this year.

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