The video of the Ramsey High School shooting has been leaked on Twitter and Reddit. Active Shooter in Bergen County.

Ramsey High School was placed on lockdown on Thursday, April 7, 2022. The high school administration received a threat, and the school was placed on lockdown. The Ramsey High School is being investigated by police, who are also observing the surrounding circumstances.

Parents and families of the students have expressed concern since the news broke. People are curious as to what kind of threat was reported at the school and why it was placed on lockdown.

Video of the Ramsey High School Shooting

People are speculating about the threat in a variety of ways. However, with this article, we have provided authentic and up-to-date information. So you must read through all of the sections in this article to learn what the threat was and what the current status of the school is, and you will also get to read the statement released by school management after reporting a threat in the paragraphs below.

Around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, the school reported a threat with zero credibility; however, not taking the matter lightly and without putting students’ lives in jeopardy, the school administration notified the Ramsey Police Department. Later, the police department arrived on the scene and issued a statement in which they clearly warned Ramsey residents to avoid the area and keep a safe distance from the province of school. Ramsey High School was also placed on lockdown, according to the statement. Please see the following section to learn more.

Bergen County Active Shooter at Ramsey High School

Approximately one hour later, the school administration issued a statement via its official Twitter handle. “No one is permitted to enter or exit the complex at this time,” according to the tweet. Officers of the law are in the province of education.” The school also tweeted that the school is still closed and that parents should not pick up their children or call the police at this time. In the following section of this article, you can read about the latest developments in this case.

According to the Ramsey Police Department, the threat does not appear to be credible. The partnership and protocol with Ramsey High School, on the other hand, are going as planned. There were no injuries reported, and all students and staff members were quickly released after carefully observing the situation. However, the source of the threat has yet to be identified. All of the students have returned home safely. The investigation is ongoing. Continue to check this website for updates.