Rannita Williams Murder By Johnathan Robinson: What Happened? Autopsy Report

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Her ex-boyfriend, Johnathan Robinson, assassinated Rannita Williams, 27, while she was live-streaming on Facebook.

Jonathan and Williams had a five-year relationship. She had been in a “on and off” relationship with him for two years before to the incident.

When he assaulted Rannita’s residence and took her prisoner while her brother escaped for help, he was dating a Texas lady. Jonathon has a past with the police and law enforcement for armed robbery, domestic abuse, and other offences. He is also accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriends.

Rannita Williams Murdered By Ex Boyfriend Johnathan Robinson

Rannita Williams Murdered By Ex Boyfriend Johnathan Robinson

Rannita Williams Murder By Johnathan Robinson: What Happened?

On April 12, Johnathan stormed into her house and abducted her, while her brother managed to flee and call the cops.

While Rannita was shown on the live stream apologizing, Johnathan was seen in and out of the camera shouting and threatening her.

When shots were fired, the police were contacted, and the first officer arrived at the scene at 10:53 a.m. Throughout the Livestream, a few shots were heard off-camera, which were Johnathan shooting at the police who had surrounded the house.

When Rannita begged Johnathan to stop shooting her, he did. After a near-eighty-minute standoff, he opened fire on the officers outside before being apprehended.

A police officer was also injured during the gunfight. Unfortunately, Rannita had to wait until Johnathan was captured before being taken to the hospital.

Autopsy Report and Live Stream of Rannita Williams

She was shot in the knee, torso, and upper body with a semi-automatic handgun, according to William’s autopsy report. She died before she could be taken to the hospital.

An investigation has revealed the true story of a woman who was shot dead at her home while her last breaths were filmed on a Facebook live.

Rannita Williams, a 27-year-old Shreveport, Louisiana mother of three, was killed. Her death came as a shock because she seemed to be moving on from her open relationship.

Where is Johnathan Robinson today?

Johnathan expressed guilt for his conduct and stated that he planned to confess to Rannita’s murder. A guilty plea was not an option because the prosecution planned to pursue the death penalty at the time.

Following discussions with Rannita’s family about the plea agreement, the death sentence was no longer requested. In January 2019, Johnathan pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no prospect of parole. An additional 100 years had to be served for shooting at police officers.

Anita, Rannita’s mother, spoke with Johnathan after his punishment. With a tear in his eye, Johnathan apologizes to her. From prison, he had earlier sent her an apology letter. In addition, Johnathan expressed regret for shooting the police.

Anita accepted his apologies and offered her forgiveness to him in an emotional experience. She stated that she had never believed in murder and that she was relieved that justice had been served.

At the moment, Johnathan is serving his sentence in a Louisiana prison.

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