Rapper Archie Eversole’s Brother Alexander Kraus Arrested For Murder of The Musical Artist, Here Are The Details On The Charges

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Archie Eversole’s brother, Alexander Kraus, is a rapper. He’s been charged with murder, according to reports.

Archie Eversole's Brother Alexander Kraus Arrested

Archie Eversole's Brother Alexander Kraus Arrested
Archie Eversole's Brother Alexander Kraus Arrested

Arthur “Archie” Eversole was a hip-hop recording artist from Atlanta who was of German origin. He was shot and died at the age of 37, according to multiple news outlets.

Fans pay tribute to him and lament his death, while Alexander Kraus, his brother, is suspected of murdering him.

Who Is Alexander Kraus?

Archie Eversole, who died lately from gunshot wounds, had a brother named Alexander Kraus. Following the shooting, he was detained and charged with aggravated assault, but his charges were changed to murder after Eversole died, according to WHIO TV.

On March 25, the victim was shot on Golf Vista Circle. He was, however, transferred to a neighboring hospital, where he died on April 3 from his injuries. Kraus’ accusations were raised to murder at that point.

Despite the lack of personal information on the perpetrator, the victim was well-known in the sector. Eversole is best known for the song “We Ready,” which he published in 2002 and became a hit. It became well-known among the sporting community.

Similarly, “Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style,” his debut record, was released when he was 17 years old. It quickly became a hit at sporting events around the country, particularly football and soccer matches.

As a result, in 2018, he released “United We Conquer,” a song for Atlanta United of Major League Soccer. According to TMZ, the music was used in one of the NFL commercials in 2019.

Archie Eversole Brother Alexander Kraus Arrested For Shooting Of The Rapper

Alexander Kraus, Archie Eversole’s brother, was arrested for shooting the rapper. The authorities, on the other hand, have not revealed why he killed his sibling.

On March 25, the incident occurred. Despite the fact that Kraus was detained shortly after the shooting, the charges against him were upgraded after the artist died in the hospital from his injuries.

On April 3, he succumbed to his injuries after fighting for nearly a week. His sibling has now been charged with murder. However, no other information on the case has been released.

Alexander Kraus Killed His Family Member

Alexander Kraus assassinated a member of his family. Archie, his brother, was assassinated by him. However, the reason behind this is unknown.

Furthermore, because they have different surnames, people are perplexed as to how they are brothers. Unfortunately, no information about their family has yet been released.

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