Ray Livingston (Mud Sweat And Beards Cast) Bio, Wiki, Career, Wife, & Age

Ray Livingston


He is one of the two explorers in the survival show Mud, Sweat, and Beards, and he plays Ray. Make sure you read Wikipedia to find out more about him, like his age and family.

Ray Livingston is a wilderness explorer and a minimalist who has survived in the wild. To survive in unexplored and unknown places, he used only the most basic tools of survival. He is one of the people who will be in the new reality show Mud, Swear, and Beards.

In Mud, Sweat, and Beards, Ray and his best friend Donny Dust use their survival skills to live off the land. They build primitive shelters and hunt for food.

As one of the survivors in season 6 of the American reality game show Alone that aired on the History channel in 2019, Ray also became well-known for his role. His last episode aired on TV after 19 days. He had nothing more to give.

Ray Livingston’s Bio/Wiki

Raymond Gilbert Livingston is a modern survivalist and a person who likes to explore the wilderness. He’s in the new show Mud, Sweat, and Beards.

This is where Ray went to high school. Then he went to the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, to study English and philosophy. While at college, Ray also did track and field. He now lives in Kettle Falls, Washington, USA.

As of now, there isn’t a Wikipedia page about Ray Livingston. As his popularity grows, maybe in the near future, he will have his own Wikipedia page.

Ray came up with the idea for their celebrity couple’s name during a conversation with his best friend, Donny Dust. Ray thinks of himself as a modern survivalist who likes to use his knife, unlike his partner, Donny, who thinks of himself as a natural survivalist.

Ray has said that he likes different shades of green when he talks about his favourite colour. It might be because he loves the green mother earth.

Ray Livingston (Mud Sweat And Beards Cast) Age & Birth Date

It’s Ray Livingston’s birthday today. He is 46 years old. His exact birthday isn’t known right now. When you see him, he usually has long dreadlocks and wears a cowboy hat. This makes him look like he came straight out of the Red Dead Redemption video game series.

Ray also started volunteering as a search and rescue K9 handler in 2011 as a way to use what he learned to help other people. “K9 and Handler of the Year”: Ray and Leroy, his search dog, were chosen by one of the largest groups in the area.

Ray has shown that he has a real love for wild animals. He is also a cattleman, and he has a pen where he keeps a lot of pigs. Ray is a big fan of wild birds, with whom he has a lot of contact.

Ray Livingston Wife And Net Worth

Ray Livingston has a wife named Angie, and they have a daughter named Grace. There is a good chance that the couple has already broken up. Dezmon and Marcellus are the names of their two sons. Livingston has a twin sister named Diamond, who is the same age as him.

Ray’s worth is unknown. It doesn’t look like he’s very rich, though. He worked as a police officer in Eugene while he was a citizen of the United States. A lot of Ray’s favourite things to do are bowhunt, hunt upland game birds, and go on hikes. Livingston works in the transportation industry now.

Ray has an Instagram account called ray modernsurvivalist. On top of that, he has more than 27,000 followers on the TikTok app. His username is ray modernsurvivalist.