Reddit: What Happened Between Gabbie Egan And Her Husband Cody?

reddit what happened between gabbie egan and her husband cody

Gabbie Egan is married to Cody. She is a TikTok star whose husband cheated on her. So, she and her kids will move away from Condo in two months.

Egan is a well-known social figure because of her TikTok videos. She talked about what she did every day on Instagram and Tiktok. Also, Egan uses the handle @bbyegan_ for her TikTok account. Also, her account has 3.4 million people who follow her.

Gabbie Egan

Gabbie Egan

Reddit: What Happened Between Gabbie Egan And Her Husband Cody?

Gabbie, a web star, got married to Cody, who is also a web star. Before Cody cheated on her, they seemed to be getting along well. But it’s not clear right now. The two people seemed to be getting farther apart.

Gabbie also used to share every moment with Cody and her kids in the past. She did have fun with her kids, though, and she didn’t include her husband on their team. Also, people on Reddit have started to talk about this.

Also, people on Reddit say that a girl named Emma has started sending Cody nudes on his social media account. Emma tried to get Cody to like her sexually, but he hasn’t sent her back. But it has been said that Emma was having fun with Gabbie’s partner.

Gabby asked her husband to stay in the hotel for a few days after she found out what was going on. So, she can figure out what is going on. She has talked about co-parenting, which means she and her husband might want to split up.

What went wrong with Gabbie Egan and Cody?

Cody, Egan’s husband, went out with a girl, which caused a lot of trouble between them. Emma, a girl, sends Cody sexts on Instagram. Egan asked Cody to stay at the hotel because of this. She wrote on her blog that she and her kids will be moving in two months.

She also seems to spend a lot of time with her best friend and her kids these days. She wrote on May 19 that she was going to leave the Condo. She has said that she will miss the patio and the memories.

Gabbie Egan is accused of cheating and charged with a felony

Cody, Egan’s husband, is said to have cheated on her. People have also said Cody sent them a picture of his dick. But Egan said that it was just a rumor because the woman didn’t have any proof. No criminal charges have been made against her partner.

Egan has said, though, that rumors are not always false. She found out about the situation and posted a picture of Emma, who had sent her husband nudes. But Egan quickly took down the post. Since then, she hasn’t said anything about the event.

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