Resunga Airport to complete full work within next 2 months

Resunga Airport
Photo: Onlinekhabar

Resunga Airport under construction is about 80 percent complete, remaining 20 percent of the work to complete within the next month and a half. 

According to Dinesh Pariyar, assistant project chief of the airport, the remaining 20 percent of the work is to complete within the next month and a half. He said that work on the terminal building and runway has been going on recently. He also claimed that the work of the runway and the terminal building has been completed 80 percent.

The construction management had affected the work of tarring the runway for various reasons. However, Padam Prasad Aryal, Ward Chairman of Resunga Municipality-10, said that he hoped that the work would be completed on time as the new construction entrepreneurs have taken charge of the work and moved ahead. Stating that the interest of all sectors has increased in the construction of the airport, he expressed confidence that the construction work would now pick up speed.

Construction businessman Deepak Pandey said that the work would be completed within a month and a half if there was no obstruction as the necessary materials were being prepared for tarring the runway. He claims that he will complete the work in a few days as he has done a lot of work in one week.

Resunga Airport

A test flight was also conducted at the airport under construction in Resunga Municipality-10 Simichaur on June 10, 2008. Although the test flight was successful, other activities were progressing at a very slow pace.

Bikoi Shrestha JV had signed an agreement for the construction of the terminal building of the airport on April 19 at a cost of Rs 45 million. Rautaha Hari Hari JV is constructing the runway at a cost of Rs. 75 million. The runway is 520 meters long and 20 meters wide.

The foundation stone of the airport was laid by the then Minister of Culture and Tourism Pradip Kumar Gyawali in 1963 BS. The construction work has been continued after 9 years of laying the foundation stone. The total area of ​​the airport under construction is 156 ropanis.