Risk of flood in these rivers and streams today, Department request to adopt vigilance

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The Flood Forecast Division of the Department of Water and Meteorology has urged to be vigilant saying that the water level in various rivers and streams of the country will rise today due to the floods.

The department said that the flow of Narayani and its tributaries, especially Budhigandaki, Trishuli, Marsyangdi, and Kaligandaki, is likely to increase significantly from this afternoon to December 8 and some of them are likely to cross the alert.

Similarly, the Saptakoshi and its tributaries Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Tamakoshi, Dudhkoshi, Arun Tamor, and other rivers have increased their flow and some of them have reached the alert level.

The department has requested to take special precautions during the period in coastal areas and flooding areas as the flow of water in rivers and streams will increase.

The branch has also requested the residents of the riparian areas to be vigilant saying that heavy rains have been recorded in the last three hours in and around Burmajia of Saptari and the flow of water in Mauli and other small rivers has increased.