The risk of flooding in the Tamakoshi River remains

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The administration has stated that there is still a risk of flood in the Tamakoshi River.

According to the District Administration Office, Dolakha, there is no danger in the coastal area as the Tamakoshi River, which is blocked in Tibet, China, is not yet in normal condition.

The administration issued a statement on Friday urging residents of the coastal area to remain vigilant, saying heavy rains were falling in and around the town of Rongxia and that the Tamakoshi River had been blocked by landslides.

According to Chief District Officer Badriprasad Tiwari, there is no difference between Friday night and Saturday morning. He urged to be vigilant as there is a danger of big flood at any time.

According to reports, landslides in the area have stopped the flow of the river due to heavy rains. All those who do so are requested to remain vigilant and go to a safe place as soon as any danger signal is received, ‘said a statement issued by the District Administration Office.

The district administration has requested the residents of the coastal area to remain safe and vigilant saying that the blocked river could burst at any time and cause floods.

Such is the information issued by the district administration