Khalanga Road service blocked for a week

Khalanga Road

The road has been blocked for a week in Khalanga, the district headquarters of the Dolpa road section. 

Although this road near the crumbling Red Cross is repaired every year, it has only cost millions of rupees due to a lack of sustainable and reliable construction.

Sewage from Thaple, Thanti, and other places has been accumulating in the same place, which has become the main cause of road collapse. “There are big buildings upstairs, the road below is crumbling,” said local Resham Khadka.

The Pasagad-Kalegaun road has been operated by CPN (Unified Socialist) Vice President Kaman Khadka and Road Department Chaurajahari with the facilitation of Chief District Officer Prem Devkota to run alternative means of transport in East Jajarkot, Dolpa, and Rukum West.

It is becoming difficult not only for the locals to go to Jajarkot Dolpa and Rukumpashchi but also for the transportation of goods from the district headquarters. Although the Bheri Municipality has promised to construct the road with the help of the Physical Infrastructure Development Office, Road Division, it has not started yet.

Roads have been blocked in the district headquarters for weeks and construction has been delayed. Local Deep Bahadur Gharti said that drainage and drainage should be changed to make this road sustainable. Lately, there has been talking that Khalanga was built in a place where there are no district headquarters.

People say that it is amazing that the road collapsed in one place almost six times. In the previous fiscal year alone, about Rs. 2.5 million was spent. The technicians of Bheri Municipality say that the amount spent on repairs so far has reached over Rs. 10 million.