“Roadside Assistance” Changes Guy’s Tire, Turns Out It’s Just Some Guy

Roadside Assistance Changes Guys Tire Turns Out Its Just Some


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“Roadside Assistance” Changes Guy’s Tire, Turns Out It’s Just Some Guy – TmZ Blog #Roadside #Assistance #Guys #Tire #Turns #Guy #FAIL #Blog Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

It’s pretty remarkable how easy it is to completely save somebody’s skin. Simply lending someone a hand when they’re in a jam doesn’t even take that much time out of your day. Heck, it might even be on your way to something you were doing anyway.

Getting a flat tire on the freeway is no fun, but it’s typically not a huge deal. That’s if you have the proper tools to actually do the job. This guy found out that his lug wrench was too small at the the worst possible time, and ended up having to call roadside assistance. And right on time, roadside assistance arrived. Or, well, they were technically a kind of roadside assistance, but OP just assumed the regular looking guy in an unmarked van was the person he called.

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