Ronaldo’s New Record & way for Golden Boot

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Group stage games in Eurocup 2020 are over. All 16 teams that reach the knockout stage will be decided. Now the last 16 games will be played from Saturday.

In the group stage, Portugal’s star player Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most 5 goals. 

He has not only scored the most goals in this Eurocup, but he has also set three other records. 

Ronaldo is also ahead in the Golden Boot race of Euro Cup. Ronaldo has scored two more goals than the second-ranked player. 

Ronaldo’s claim to the Golden Boot will now depend on how far Portugal travels.

In Group F, considered Group of Death, Ronaldo scored in all three games. He scored two goals against Hungary, one against Germany and two against France.

In a 2-2 draw against France on Wednesday night, he scored two goals to equal the record for most goals scored by an international in international football by Ali Dai. Both have scored 109 goals for the national team.

As Portugal reach the knockout stage, Ronaldo is likely to set the record in his own name.

After his first goal against France, he broke German legend Miroslav Klose’s record of scoring the most goals in two major competitions, the World Cup and the Eurocup. Klose scored 19 goals in the World Cup and Euro Cup. Ronaldo broke the record by scoring the first goal to reach 20 goals. He scored 21 goals in the second innings. Ronaldo has scored 14 goals in the Euro Cup and seven in the World Cup.

Earlier, he equaled Klose’s record by scoring a goal against Germany.

Ronaldo, who has scored the most goals in the Euro Cup with five goals in the group stage, broke Mitchell Platini’s record in the first game. Before the start of the Euro Cup, Platini and Ronaldo had the same nine goals. Ronaldo broke Platini’s record after scoring his first goal against Hungary.

Ronaldo, who made his Euro Cup debut at home in 2004, is the first and only player to play in five consecutive editions and score in all five editions.

Ronaldo’s record in statistics

Top scorer in Eurocup: 14 goals

Top scorer in World Cup + Eurocup: 21 goals

Combined goal scorers in international football: 109 goals