Roommate Insists Her Father Is Able To Sleep In Girl’s Bed, Internet Disagrees – TmZ Blog

roommate insists her father is able to sleep in girls bed internet disagrees tmz blog

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Roommate Insists Her Father is Able to Sleep in Girl’s Bed, Internet Disagrees – TmZ Blog #Roommate #Insists #Father #Sleep #Girls #Bed #Internet #Disagrees #FAIL #Blog Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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This roommate splits rent with the poster of the topic 50/50, the pair are university students, and the roommate is approaching her graduation. She has been trying to make plans for her family to fly out to attend the graduation but has had trouble nailing down accommodation for her father. She got the brilliant idea that she should stick her father in her roommate’s room and tell her roommate to clear out for the weekend. 

It would be one thing if the poster of the topic were planning on being out of town, but it would be hard to justify having a strange man sleeping in your bed. It’s even stranger still to make this demand when your roommate is still in their room!

This thread was posted to the r/AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit by u/notatypicaltaurus, who tells the tale of their roommate’s strange demand. 

Commenters were angered and bewildered by the roommate’s demand and couldn’t get over how strange it was. 

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Read on for the whole story and screenshots below. 


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