Rotimi Akeredolu Dead or Alive, What Happened To Governor of Ondo State? Death Rumors Hoax Reason!

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Some online websites are reporting that the governor of Ondo State Rotimi Akeredolu. We are going to discuss the whole news and uncover this fake news. So as we all know that the new sites are always excited to report about celebrities and their fake news and rumors. And some of them have already declared famous politicians dead and already expressing deepest apologies to their family and friends. He was indeed suffering from a former recently and he was admitted to the nearest medical facility but his health improved and now he is actively performing his duty. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Rotimi Akeredolu Dead or AliveRotimi Akeredolu Dead or Alive

Rotimi Akeredolu Dead or Alive

He had mentioned an annual leave and he was not visible in the statehouse of the assembly he was an of the work for 14 working days but now he is back for the time his power was transferred to visit Deputy Governor. It is wrong news in the story that he passed away and he is completely fine with his family. There was a video available on the Internet where he was seen dancing and enjoying himself while he came out of the hospital and it was really good news for his supporters and admirers.

What Happened To Governor of Ondo State?

The video was 19 seconds long and it has received already millions of likes and was made available on various social networking sites. We don’t have any information on when the video was recorded but it was most probably at an international airport at around 1035 on Saturday 16th of April while he was arriving from the facility. This story is a true example that how the news Agencies are manipulating you and how they want to capture you into the Trap of fake news.

Rotimi Akeredolu Health Update Condition

So be aware of such resources and we will always help you to debug. We will be back with some more interesting stories from all around the world. He is a very significant figure in politics and he could be seen taking active participation in many important opinions and proceedings. He is a very kind individual and always looking for peaceful views to settle the disputes among the parties and he controls the flow of proceedings.

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