RPP demands action against Judge Koirala and lawyer Pokhrel

July 9, Kathmandu. The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has demanded action against Kathmandu District Court Judge Raj Kumar Koirala and former Nepal Bar Association treasurer and lawyer Rudra Prasad Pokhrel.

After the audio of the bribery transaction between Koirala and Pokhrel became public, RPP wrote a letter to the Judicial Council demanding their removal and action.

In a letter submitted to the Judicial Council by Gyanendra Shahi, a spokesperson of RPP, it has been demanded that action be taken against Justice Koirala to ensure his rule of law without compromising his trust and confidence in the court.

Handing over the letter, Shahi said, “Why shouldn’t a judge who has been bargaining for millions of rupees be detained and investigated?

An audio recording of a 20 million transaction between Judge Koirala and lawyer Pokhrel to release Ichchha Raj Tamang, who was arrested on banking charges, was made public.

After the audio became public, the Judicial Council has formed a three-member committee under the coordination of Judicial Council member Ram Prasad Shrestha to investigate Justice Koirala.

Similarly, Nepal Bar Association has asked lawyer Pokhrel for clarification.

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