RPP: Voting continues to elect a new leadership

RPP Voting
Photo: Onlinekhabar

RPP: Voting is underway for the new leadership of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. 

Voting has started from 8 am on Saturday to elect a new working committee under the RPP’s Ekta General Convention held in Kathmandu.

Kamal Thapa and Rajendra Lingden are the candidates for the post of chairman. It is expected that there will be intense competition between them. Both have been saying that they will win. Leaders and activists say that Lingden will challenge Thapa, who has been leading Rashtriya Prajatantra Party for a long time.

Out of the 199-member working committee of RPP, 149 members including the chairperson will be elected through voting. It is mentioned in the amended constitution of RPP that the remaining 50 chairpersons will be nominated.

A total of 264 candidates have filed nominations for 141 central members including inclusive.

There are 16 candidates for the eight-member post. Among the office bearers, eight are contesting for four vice-presidents including one woman, and six for three general secretaries including one woman.