Rupa Municipality to Celebrate Next Year as Self-Employment Year (Full Text)

July 9, Pokhara. Rupa village municipality of Kaski is going to celebrate the coming fiscal year as the year of self-employment. The village municipality has stated that it will run ‘One House One Self-Employment Training’ campaign targeting those who want to be self-employed.

Rupa Village Chairman Nawaraj Ojha on Thursday unveiled the policy and program for the coming fiscal year and informed that Rupa will launch a self-employment campaign next year.

“A training center will be set up for the youth, women, dalits, target groups and groups who want to be self-employed in Rupa village,” said Rupa’s policy and program.

The village municipality has taken a policy to ensure the sale of the goods produced by the farmers within the village by fixing the minimum support price on the goods produced by them. If the price is less than the price fixed by the village municipality, the amount will be increased, said Nawaraj Ojha, chairman of the municipality. “The village municipality has taken a policy of managing the insufficient amount to be sold at a lower price,” he said.

Similarly, the village municipality has announced to provide free tariff to those consuming less than 20 units of electricity. In addition, a policy has been taken to provide free electricity to monasteries, temples, community houses, schools, mosques, etc. within the village municipality.
Rupa’s budget is 493.9 million

Rupa village municipality has brought a budget of Rs. 493.9 million for the coming fiscal year 079/80.

Out of the budget of the municipality, 88.8 million will be received from the financial equalization grant from the government of Nepal, 68.6 million from the revenue distribution from the government of Nepal, 9.4 million from the state government and 4.3 million from the revenue distribution of the state.

Similarly, the state government will provide Rs. 20 million as supplementary grant, Rs. 14 million from Jesus’ reserve fund, Rs. 30 million from the previous year and Rs.

Budget Statement:

Policies and programs:

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