Ryan Kelley Looking To Become The Governor For Michigan Was Arrested By The FBI, What Did He Do?

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Ryan Kelley, a candidate for governor of Michigan, has been detained. In this page, you will learn about his charges and net worth.

In the upcoming election, Ryan Kelley is running for Governor of Michigan. He will be on the Republican primary ballot on August 2, 2022. He is, in fact, a Republican Party member.

Kelley is also one of five candidates on the Republican primary ballot on Aug. 2. The winner will face Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat. Kelley’s participation in the insurgency on January 6 was widely publicized. In a court filing, federal agents disclosed photographs of him wearing a baseball cap backwards in an attempt to agitate the pro-Trump crowd.

Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley

What Was Ryan Kelley Michigan Candidate For Governor Arrested For? FBI Charges Revealed

The FBI has detained Ryan Kelley, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan. Kelley was also arrested, according to bureau employees who told News 10 that a search was conducted at his residence on Thursday morning.

Furthermore, an FBI Detroit official told Fox News Digital that investigators executed search and arrest warrants at Kelley’s home in Allendale, Michigan, and took him into custody. In fact, the governor candidate is charged with misdemeanors for his role in the post-election rioting at the US Capitol in 2021.

Kelley was photographed at the U.S. Capitol altercation on Jan. 6, despite his claim that he did not enter the premises. It’s unclear whether the arrest was connected to the occurrences. The reason was not revealed by law enforcement officials.

Michigan Governor Candidate Ryan Kelley’s Net Worth As Of 2022 Explored

Ryan Kelley’s net worth is estimated to be between $50 and $100 million dollars. He is, in fact, a successful entrepreneur and real estate firm owner.

After quitting AT&T in 2011 to pursue his entrepreneurial goals, Ryan developed and established a real estate investment company. In the mid-2010s, Ryan cooperated in the launch of a franchised firm, and as COO, he oversaw complicated legal contracts and disclosures. Later, as CEO, he developed proprietary software and assisted in the launch of other state offices while leading large teams to success.

Ryan Kelley Wife And Children

For the past 35 years, Ryan has lived in West Michigan. With his wonderful wife and five children, he now resides in Allendale. Ryan is a small business owner that runs his own real estate firm and works with clients all around Michigan.

According to his campaign website, Ryan Kelley, the owner of a real estate firm, organized big rallies at the state capitol in Lansing and Grand Rapids to protest Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s statewide COVID-19 lockdowns and regulations.

Moreover, during the 2020 riots following George Floyd’s murder, Kelley “guarded a Civil War Statue in his hometown of Allendale as it was threatened to be knocked down by BLM and Antifa,” according to his campaign bio.

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