Sacar to release ‘Dragon World’ album to his another list

Sacar, popularly known as ‘Little Buddha’, is coming to the Nepali music scene after two years with an album titled ‘Dragon World’. 

He has released three songs in the upcoming ‘EP Dragger Fire’ before the release of the album.

He has also announced a world tour. The tour will feature rappers, singers, producers, fashion designers, models, artists, and celebrities.

He is giving a concert called ‘Little Buddha Live’ on December 4 at Sugar KTM in Thamel. Sacar is going to give a concert for the first time in three years.

“We are excited for the future of the Nepali music and entertainment industry. Our team is committed to reaching billions of dollars in Hollywood, Bollywood, K-Pop, Japanese entertainment industry, European and American fashion houses, ”said Sakar. PVE Network will manage Sacar’s tour.