SAFF Championship: Maldives’ first win

SAFF Championship

SAFF Championship: Former winners and home team Maldives have clinched their first victory in the 2021 SAFF Championship

In their second match of the round-robin, Maldives defeated Bangladesh 2-0.

Hamza Mohamed and Ali Ashfaq scored the winning goals for the Maldives in Thursday night’s match at the National Stadium in Male.

The Maldives scored both goals in the second half after the first half ended goallessly.

In the 55th minute of the match, Hamza scored a goal through a bicycle kick to give the Maldives the lead. Ashfaq scored from the penalty spot in the 74th minute to give the Maldives a 2-0 victory.

The Maldives, which lost to Nepal in the first match, has added 3 points from 2 matches after defeating Bangladesh. Bangladesh, who have played three games, have four points after one win, one draw, and one loss.

Nepal, which has won two games in a row, is at the top with six points. Bangladesh is second and the Maldives is third. Similarly, India is in the fourth position with two points from two games with two draws. Sri Lanka is at the bottom with 1 point from 3 games and is out of the final.

Now Nepal is playing India on Sunday. If Nepal wins the game, it will reach the final one game ahead. Nepal will play the final game against Bangladesh.