Samling Power IPO: 2.2 million people to not get the IPO

The distribution of ordinary shares (IPO) issued by Samling Power IPO Company Limited to the public will take place on Tuesday.

Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited, the sales manager of the company’s share issue, has informed that the IPO, which is open from November 19 to 20, is scheduled to be distributed on Tuesday.

The company had issued 730,000 IPOs worth Rs 73 million. Out of the total issued shares, five percent or 36,500 shares have been allotted to the collective investment fund and two percent or 14,600 shares to the employees of the company.

Besides, the general public has applied for 678,900 shares. The company’s IPO received 39.67 times more or 2.265 million 698 applications. Samling Power IPO

67,890 applicants will get shares at the rate of 10 lots through round-robin out of 269,033,500 lots worth Rs. 2.69 billion. The remaining 2.197 million will not get the shares.