Samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah’s Latest 2021 photos will make you sweat

Samragyee Rajya laxmi shah

Samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah shared her most beautiful photos in her social platform 2021 

She entered the movie from the movie Dreams. Her role in the film has been well praised

Samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah was born in Kathmandu in 2052 Mangsir 2, from Father Mahesh Bikram Shah, and singer Neha Rajya Laxmi Shah. She made her film debut in 2016 with Dreams.

In the film, she played the role of Kabya. This is her debut film. Then in 2016, she acted in the movie A Mero Hazur-2. There were a lot of talks that she got a salary of Rs 500,000 in this film.

She starred in the movie Kayara in 2017 and Kri in 2018. She even acted in the movie ‘Maruni’. Lately, she has been seen in a very bold avatar. Take a look at her latest photos

Samragyee Rajya laxmi shah
Samragyee Rajya laxmi shah photo
Samragyee Rajya laxmi shah photoo
Samragyee Rajya
Samragyee Rajya
Samragyee shah

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