Samurai Crab Video Viral On Reddit, The Crab With A Human Face

samurai crab video viral on reddit the crab with a human face

Crab of the Samurai The first time Reddit news and photographs were displayed, they caused quite a stir. The faces have an unsaid historical significance.

The Samurai Crab is a Japanese crab with a human-like pattern on its shell. It’s said to be the face of a vengeful samurai.

These crabs are considered to be reincarnations of the Heike warriors who were vanquished at the Battle of Dan-no-Ura, according to The Tale of the Heike.

Although the crabs are edible, the Japanese do not consume them.

Samurai CrabSamurai Crab

Samurai Crab

Samurai Crab Video On Reddit

Crab of the Samurai The film posted after the Reddit announcement gave an explanation of Samurai Crab. The story is set in 1185, and the setting is a little harbor called Dan-no-ura.

On one side, the Heike clan, Japan’s imperial rulers, and on the other, the Minamoto, upstarts striving for control of the crown. All of Japan’s might was on the line.

After a half-day of warfare, the Heike were crushed, and their 6-year-old emperor drowned to avoid Minamoto’s grasp.

Minamoto Yoritomo went on to become the first Shogun, or military ruler, of Japan.

A bizarre anecdote surfaced after the conflict. Crabs in the area are reported to have peculiar designs on their shells that resemble samurai masks, according to local mythology.

The crabs were thought to be reincarnations of samurai who had died in combat. That is why the Japanese refuse to consume it.

Amazing Fact: The Crab With A Human Face, Heikegani

The crabs have a samurai mask-like appearance. Carl Sagan theorized on his show Cosmos that the likeness was due to intentional selection.

Crabs with samurai masks were thrown back, while those without were eaten.

As a result, the population was pushed to create shells that looked like masks.

While it appears to be a fine idea and follows the basic pattern of how selection pressures function, there is one flaw: no one eats Heikegani.

Furthermore, crabs with this shell design are widespread throughout the Harbor of Japan, not just in that small bay.

Similar patterns can be found in other crab species, albeit they are not as apparent.

Carl Sagan, an astronomer and author from the United States, once speculated that the likeness was due to artificial selection.

Sagan urged that fisherman fishing Japan’s waters throw back any crabs with shells that resembled a samurai’s face as a mark of respect for the slain Heike tribe.

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