Sandhikharka Municipality suspends services due to COVID

Sandhikharka Municipality

Sandhikharka Municipality has suspended services for five days after 16 employees, including the Mayor, were diagnosed with COVID.

According to Chief Executive Officer Narayan Aryal, the Sandhikharka municipality office halted service delivery except for essentials after Mayor Kamal Prasad Bhusal and a dozen employees tested positive for coronavirus.

In the midst of the coronavirus’s rapid spread, the municipality‘s health department conducted antigen tests on 57 people on Monday. Purna Prasad Parajuli, the health section chief, said that 15 of the municipality’s 17 employees were infected.

The municipality issued a notice informing residents of the closure of the municipal office due to the spread of coronavirus. Aryal, the chief administrative officer, went on to say that people were urged to follow safety protocols.