Sandhya KC tied the knot legally

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Actress Sandhya KC is legally married. She has informed her followers that she is tied to her married life through social media.

 Saying that happiness is real only after sharing happiness, she mentioned that she got married to Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar

Sandhya KC

“We have legally accepted each other,” she wrote. I am happy to announce my marriage to Aabhushan. The man who taught me the lessons of love, respect and friendship.

Sandhya KC

Mentioning that she did not marry Abhushan according to religious tradition, Sandhya said that she will marry according to religious tradition after her condition returns to normal. 

Saying that they will not move forward alone from today, Sandhya said that she expects blessings from everyone.

After working in the Nepali film industry in the film ‘Dreams’, Sandhya, who is in the news, was praised for her work with ‘Pandit Bajeko Lauro’. Congratulations to Sandhya on starting a new chapter in her life.